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We have exciting news about our new chapter here at Alpha Mind Counseling Centers!

When Covid 19 first started in North Carolina, I noticed a sharp decline in behavior and resurgence in symptoms that my young clients had originally made great progress toward by being a part of our Brain Based programs.

Once the parents found ways to provide “structure” to their children,  and the fear of Covid and the new “normal” took effect, their behaviors improved.

Now, I am concerned again. Every child/young adult I know, is eager to go back to school and be around their peers. Unfortunately, that is not an option right now and we don’t know when it will be. Children may be virtually learning until a vaccine is on the market…

In the meantime, what about your child?  What about their mental health? Their social health?

I do NOT want to see your child suffer in their emotional health any more than their academic health and learning. Do you really want your child to sit in front of a computer screen and receive Tela-Therapy?? That is what Wake County school system is offering your child if they need extra help and support. I think your child deserves better! I think your child needs and deserves to be around other students their age, and with similar goals to work toward.  They need to laugh again, have fun, learn, exercise, and share their hearts and concerns with each other.

Here at AlphaMind, we are not afraid of Covid. We are not afraid of germs. We are not afraid of your child. We gladly welcome youth in our office, AND in our hearts! If you want something better for your child then what you are going to get out of the school system, then call me and we will talk about your concerns, your desires for your child, and determine if we can be a BETTER solution.

This is what we are offering this coming school year:

A place where your child (age 11-18) can come everyday and actually fit in with their peers:

  • Brain based training (Neurofeedback)
  • Mindfulness/meditation coaching
  • Music sessions (drumming/guitar/keyboard/percussion)
  • Nutrition classes
  • Physical fitness (1:1 with trainer) and outside recreation area
  • Psycho-educational classes with therapist
  • Quiet area for on-line class or study

Our IDEAL Student : one or more characteristics of following:

Loud or shy, focus issues, needs to pace (we have a long hallway good for pacing) ,struggles with depression or anxiety, can’t stay organized, doesn’t pay attention, lack of empathy or lacks social cues.

If this describes your Young Person, they are WELCOME here.

We want to Equip your child with the Best tools necessary to prepare them for their future. Our brain based therapies are all cutting edge with research to support their effectiveness.

We will also practice safety standards and do temp checks, and all staff and therapists will wear a mask. We are only accepting 10 students at a time to maintain required Social spacing, so contact us TODAY to reserve your spot 919.234.6902 or

We can’t wait to work with you and your child. Let’s give them a fighting chance.



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