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How Much Does Therapy Cost?

The average self-pay cost for therapy is $125 per session.
Session 50 minutes in length each.
Higher rates apply for longer sessions.

The average self-pay cost for EMDR is $125 per session.
Session 50 minutes in length each.
Higher rates apply for longer sessions.

*for all “LCMHCA – AlphaMind Counselors”.

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Does AlphaMind Take Insurance for Therapy?

We currently  participate with the following panels:
AETNA, BCBS, UMR, UHS, UHC, Optum, Medcost, VA Community Cares and Tri-Care East

HOWEVER, not all providers here at AlphaMind accept all of these.  Check with the individual provider here to ensure which insurance panels he or she is currently able to accept.  You can also find this by selecting the “About Us” tab then select each of our providers to see what panels each accepts or ask when you schedule with us.  LCMHCA level providers accept only BCBS, AETNA, MedCost and Self-Pay.

Most major insurance carriers provide for Out of Network benefits, which usually gets reimbursed 50% or more.  Be sure to check with your insurance carrier to determine whether it includes mental health benefits, as well as to understand your in-network and out-of-network costs including any copay requirements and any deductible limitations. We will not be able to tell you this at the time you schedule as each plan is  different. 

If you do not have insurance or your deductible is high, AlphaMind is offering a self pay option at only $125 per session. 

AlphaMind HAS IMMEDIATE AVAILABILTY for BCBS Clients using our Promo Code “NeedHelpNow”

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Does AlphaMind Participate in Employee Assistance Programs?

No, we currently do not participate with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). 

What Forms Of Payment Does AlphaMind Accept?

We take all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX).
We offer credit through Advance Care with interest free terms as well as FSA cards.

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