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Trauma Therapy

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Treating Trauma Naturally with an Integrative Healing Approach

When you experience a traumatic event, it activates the limbic system in the brain. This “fire alarm” shuts down all nonessential systems (Ex. rest, digestion, sleep) and floods your body with stress hormones, like cortisol, so you can prepare for fight, flight, or freeze. Once the danger passes, your nervous system provides inner calm, otherwise known as your “rest and digest” mode. At this point, normal cognitive function returns, and you can go back to your day with relatively few side effects, perhaps only feeling a little jittery for a while, or a bit on edge.

But for people who live with complex trauma, this balance often does not return all the way. 

Simply, the limbic system stays engaged most of the time. It’s a coping mechanism to try and stay safe in the face of ongoing adversity. It’s an experience of constantly being in survival mode, or on edge.

Over time, it becomes a “new normal” for the brain and body. Trauma literally becomes trapped in the body and the brain rewires itself. These lasting effects create symptoms of complex trauma. This bodily state of your nervous system being on “high alert” can affect your thoughts, mood, actions, and eventually relationships, work function, and a host of other things.

Alpha Mind Counseling Center provides trauma therapy in Cary, NC for individuals seeking healing from the effects of past traumatic experiences.

Trauma can have a significant impact on one’s mental health and well-being, and seeking therapy can be an essential step toward recovery. At Alpha Mind Counseling Center, our licensed trauma therapists offer evidence-based treatment approaches to help clients process and heal from trauma. With a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, we aim to create a safe and supportive environment for our clients to explore their experiences and find the tools they need to move forward.

Common Symptoms of Complex Trauma

Somatic (bodily) symptoms, like unexplained headaches or an upset stomach, are also common with complex trauma. Since the body is under chronic stress, it can lower your immune system and lead to a range of chronic health conditions.

At AlphaMind effective treatment and our tools are designed to discover the root cause and to process that trauma. Knowing that Trauma is a brain dysregulation is the starting point in understanding why medication will only put a band-aid on the symptoms without actually healing it. Without resolving the root cause, we find patients’ dependency on medications is often for life. If you truly want to resolve your Trauma responses, then let’s resolve this by using an Integrative Healing Approach at AlphaMind Brain Centers.

Our Integrative Healing Approach

Here at AlphaMind in Cary, NC, we believe in seeing and treating people as an integrated whole- we are mind and spirit. Therefore, there is not one treatment model that works for everyone. Everyone has their own unique experiences and belief systems that works best for them. Therefore, we strive to combine individual goals, preferences and healing paths that lead to permanent relief. Getting permanent results is what we are about.

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