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Veteran PTSD

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Resolving PTSD With Integrative Military Counseling

At AlphaMind, we are committed to providing our veterans and their families with the highest level of support and care to alleviate the burdens of military anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, complex trauma, PTSD, and complex grief.

Our approach to mental wellness is rooted in our Integrative Healing Approach, a comprehensive strategy that combines evidence-based modalities tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

While some may rely on medication; we focus on significantly reducing the symptoms that hinder emotional well-being. Our program is designed to offer veterans and their families a pathway to regain emotional wellness and find solace in their journey.

Our purpose is to provide compassionate care to our Veterans and their families in a nonjudgmental, supportive environment. 
Our clinicians have specialized training in working with our military personnel.

The Challenges of PTSD

The invisible wounds of combat, traumatic experiences, and military service can take a heavy toll on mental well-being.

PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a formidable adversary that can cast a long shadow over the lives of veterans and their families. It often manifests as a relentless cycle of distressing memories, nightmares, anxiety, and emotional numbness, making it incredibly challenging to reintegrate into civilian life.

How We Help Veterans

AlphaMind is committed to guiding veterans on the path to inner peace and a fulfilling civilian life.

Our goal is provide the support, tools, and therapeutic techniques to veterans seeking to welcome calmness into their lives and find solace after the rigors of military service.

Additionally, AlphaMind is ready to accept most military insurance, including Tricare East and VA Community Cares. 

Your Path To Relief


The discovery stage is extremely important and consists of more than assessments and talk therapy. During discovery, our trained therapist uncovers the root of the symptoms the veteran or family member(s) are experiencing and what has or has not worked. This is generally accomplished within 2-4 sessions.


This is accomplished in a one-hour session by which we review all the discovery assessments and clinical findings performed.

Road Map

During this phase, AlphaMind and the veteran and or family member(s) are presented with a plan of action in achieving emotional wellness. This is accomplished in a two-hour session. A detailed plan with timelines and modalities to be performed are agreed on.  


Treatment phase is the follow-thru on the road map.  During this phase, is when modalities such as EMDR, mindfulness, and more are implemented.  The number of sessions varies but following our process eliminates the guess work. Only those modalities essential in achieving the desired emotional state are used. 


During this phase, our clients generally come into our office once or twice a month for 6-8 months.

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