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Who We Are

AlphaMind Counseling Centers, nestled in Cary, NC, emerges as a sanctuary of healing and growth, reimagining the landscape of mental health care. Anchored by the vision of founder Kimberly D’Amico, AlphaMind bridges the gap between traditional practices and cutting-edge innovation.

Understanding the limitations of conventional talk therapy, AlphaMind takes an integrative approach that harmonizes proven modalities like Mindfulness Practices, EMDR, and CBT with diagnostic tools to unravel the core of clients’ symptoms. AlphaMind strives not only to alleviate symptoms but to guide each individual towards the pinnacle of well-being in both mind and spirit.

Integrative Healing Approach

Our Integrative Healing Approach stands as a beacon of comprehensive well-being. Far beyond merely alleviating symptoms, this methodology delves into the heart of issues, unraveling the intricate tapestry of challenges at their root. Our approach goes beyond the surface to uncover the core of clients’ struggles.

This journey doesn’t merely seek to restore equilibrium; it aspires to guide each person toward a profound reconnection with their inner self, nurturing lasting well-being on every level.

Behind AlphaMind

Meet Kimberly D’Amico, the visionary driving force shaping AlphaMind Counseling Centers.

With a profound dedication cultivated over years of education and diverse interactions, Kimberly is a beacon of transformative healing. Breaking away from conventional approaches, she is driven to uncover the Root Causes behind clients’ struggles, fostering a collaborative journey to craft personalized, holistic blueprints for ultimate wellness. Her mastery of the Integrative Healing Approach seamlessly nurtures both mind and spirit, ensuring a holistic sense of emotional well-being.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Kimberly’s expertise shines as a Certified Military Clinical Counselor (CMCC), and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). She also has specialized training in EMDR Level II and Inner Healing. 

The Team That Cares

Meet the compassionate counselors who are dedicated to guiding you on your journey to well-being.

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Kimberly D’Amico

Practice Owner, LCMHC, CMCC CCTP

Brandie Lewton


Anna Futrell


Claudia Nickolson


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