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Stories from Our Clients

Many of our clients started right where you are now. In the testimonials below, you’ll witness the transformation of individuals who once faced profound mental health challenges and have now flourished in their lives.


Tracy S.

Practice Member of AlphaMind Counseling Centers

“Alpha Mind has helped me.

I have suffered from depression for many years. I was on 2 antidepressants. I am only taking one now. I have had several sessions with AlphaMind, it has helped me in so many ways with anxiety. I have a better sleep pattern. I would recommend AlphaMind and I highly recommend Kimberly and her team and how their services help with PTSD, so I highly recommend AlphaMind.”


Kelly A.

Practice Member of AlphaMind Counseling Centers

“Highly recommend! This was life changing for my son. Cannot say enough good things about the staff at AlphaMind. You made it possible for him to attend college. He actually wants to become a mental health counselor just like you all. It truly worked for him!”


Bethany R.

Practice Member of AlphaMind Counseling Centers

“My family has been working with the team at AlphaMind for a few months now. They are amazing people and have helped us so much. We are currently visiting AlphaMind to assist with sleep, focus, and anxiety issues. We’re so thankful we found them!”

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